Sunday, September 23, 2007

Annual Soup Supper

Immanuel Lutheran Church (Triple Parish),
Soldier Township (just west of Ricketts proper)

Annual Soup Supper
Sunday, September 30
4:30 PM-7:30 PM
Serving Potato, Chili, & Beef Vegitable
Sandwiches and deserts
Carryouts available
$5 Adults - $3 Children

Annual Fire Prevention brunch Oct. 7

The Ricketts Fire Department will be hosting their annual Fire Prevention Brunch Sunday, October 7 9:30 AM- Noon at the Ricketts Community Center.
They'll be serving pancakes, sausage, applesauce, and maybe scrambledeggs.
Free Will Offering

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Homecoming Parade

The Lills drove in the Charter Oak-Ute Homecoming parade Wednesday, September 12.
So did the guys in the Volunteer Fire Department. Believe me, that rig can make a lotta noise when it wants to!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

First (annual?) Kid's Day

Area youth had one last chance to say farewell to summer recently. The City of Ricketts put on a special day just for kids, Saturday, September 8, 2007. Twelve adult volunteers treated kids to fun food, games and music at the Ricketts city park and shelter house from 4 to 10 PM. Kids could buy hotdogs or nachos for a dollar and pop for 50 cents and ten tickets for a dollar. Then they could use tickets to play games like darts and ring toss for older kids or pin the tail on the donkey or bean bag toss for younger tots. Every game offered prizes. Kids could participate in a free throw contest, a water baloon race or a three-legged race. Teens and "Tweens" were invited to stick around and dance the night away inside the shelter house.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ricketts' Kids Day Today

Ricketts Kids Day today
September 8, 2007
At Rickett's City Park & Shelter House
4 PM-10 PM

Tickets for rides and games are 10 for $1
Hotdogs are $1

$2 For admission to the Teen Dance

Don't miss the fun! Watch this space for pictures next week.

Pop is 50¢

Monday, September 3, 2007

Not the same Ricketts #17

TD Ameritrade Holding Corp.'s founder Joe Ricketts is now part of the crowd of potential buyers for the Chicago Cubs baseball franchise, the Chicago Tribune reported Thursday.

The Cubs team is up for sale because its owner, the Tribune Co., is selling itself to Chicago real estate mogul Sam Zell for $8.2 billion. That deal was contingent on the media company selling its non-core assets, including one of the most fabled franchises in sports.

Astronomical prices are expected for the Cubs. Forbes estimated the value of the Cubs at $592 million in April. Only four baseball franchises had higher values in the magazine's annual list: the Yankees at $1.2 billion, the New York Mets at $736 million, the Boston Red Sox at $724 million and the Los Angeles Dodgers at $632 million.

I know that this will be hard to believe, but Joe Ricketts really has nothing to do with the city of Ricketts, a sleepy little village in Western Iowa, but most of the rest of this website does.

We hope to see you at the Ricketts' Kids Day at Ricketts City Park & Shelter House.
Saturday, September 8, 2007 4 PM-10 PM

Don't forget, if you're from Ricketts, you're invited to their annual reunion, next year it will be on the fourth Saturday in July. If you're Joe Ricketts, maybe you'd like to come too, and bring the team, Ricketts has a ball diamond. Maybe they'd be willing to put on an exhibition. Or play the guys in the Fire Dept? Wouldn't that be great?

As for everybody else, if you have memories or pictures of Ricketts to share, email them to our webmaster: I'll even accept funny, kitsch, or corny "Not the same Ricketts" ideas. Help put Ricketts on the map!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mallory's Photography

You can see some great pictures Ted got at last Friday Night's Boyer Valley v. Treynor football game, and some wild shots he took camping this weekend at

Or, you can see Cheer pictures from the Treynor game at