Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Miss me? Read my re-runs

I may not be writing a weekly column for the Mapleton PRESS anymore, but I have tried to clean-up and organize six years of columns and made them easier to find on my main blog. Why not peruse through the humor, history and humus. It's full of "Sex, Politics, and Religion- not necessarily in that order." Or at least, liberal politics, the my misadventures parenting three little girls, and the joys of living in small town Iowa and good old fashioned Midwestern, down to earth common sense Lutheranism.

At least take a look at a couple of columns and give it a chance.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anyone able to identify these kids?



Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 2:31 PM


Hi from Calif.,

Here is the photo & who I think they are, correct me if I am wrong.

Middle Row from the Left - 1st is Gordon Moeller, 2nd is Gloria Sherman (the silly look on her face is because Gordy is pinching her, hard to believe he would do that), 3rd is Rick Moeller, 4th, could be James Schwartz, 5th is I think is Bill Harbaugh, 6th is Dean Grell, 7th is Charles Moeller: Front Row - 1st & 2nd ??, 3rd is Jolene Moeller, 4th is Dick Knop, 5th ??, 6th is Georgene Moeller, 7th & 8th ??, 9th is Lyle Grell, 10th ???: In the Back Row there are 4 girls, - 1st, Florence Jacobs, 2nd, ?? 3rd, Kathryn Schwartz, 4th I think she is Gertrude Hagemann!?!?!?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Volunteers Spruce up Community Center, Depot

Pictures by Nancy Landon

The scale model of the old depot has been repainted and lots of volunteers got together Saturday the 4th and gave the Community Center a new paint job and the inside a good cleaning.

Good food was served for lunch and the new color looks real nice..

Thanks to all who help get the job done..

the people that were there to help paint, clean and serve food were:

Laura Langholdt
Jerry Jors
Irene Jors
Diane Riessen
Steve, Cindy & Mac Kenzie Smith
Irma Wessel
Alvi & Ruth Lill
Bud & Connie Gloede
Lloyd & Elaine Carlson
Susan Hargens
Ed & Doris Schreiber
Nancy Landon

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Following traditions of Family, Faith, and Fun

Grace, Francis, Eunice, Mava, Eva McCutcheon, and their brother Glenn all grew up in East Boyer Township in Crawford County. Long after they've all passed away, their grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren gather every year for the "McCutcheon Cousin Campout."

Doris and Ed Schreiber or Ricketts. Doris started the McCutcheon Cousin Campout in 1973 with a letter to her cousins which included Grace (McCutcheon) Samuelson's daughters, Gladys, Erma, Maryland, and Janet. Gladys's son Allan Neddermeyer and his wife Margorie (Langhold) now to the campout with their children and grandchildren. Ed Schreiber has performed a comedy routine at the campout for the last several years.

Back 1973 Doris (Johnson) Schreiber of Ricketts wrote a letter to you cousins inviting them to a campout at Ledges State Park near Boone in August. Thirty-five years later, "the McCutcheon Cousin Campout" is still an annual event. Today families travel from as far away as Georgia, Maine, and Oklahoma to attend the three-day event every Labor Day weekend. Nine states and all corners of Iowa were represented this year. Maryland, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Nebraska and Kansas were all included this year. Well over a hundred people attended.

Grace, Francis, Eunice, Mava, Eva McCutcheon, and their brother Glenn all grew up in East Boyer Township in Crawford County. Generations of their decedents of these siblings carry on a tradition initiated by their cousin Doris back in '73.

Originally the campout was in tents and trailers. Those who stayed in nearby motels were ribbed by receiving an annual "marshmallow award."

The cousins have kept a memory book of comments and snapshots that spans four decades.
"The church service was so inspiring," wrote Grace Samuelson (one of the original McCutcheon siblings) in the memory book, already in 1974, about how much her family enjoyed the campout, especially the Sunday morning worship gathering.

The culmination of the weekend is an ecumenical worship time followed by the annual business meeting (including humorous awards and door prizes), an Abbott and Costello style comedy routine by Doris' husband Ed and their cousin Dick Larson and, of course a huge pot-luck. For thirty-five years the cousins have sung Grace and her husband Art's favorite hymns; "Amazing Grace," and "How Great thou Art."

The direction of such a big event is shared by each of the six different families, but each new "President" is guided by the Dean of the campout, Gerald and Joann Beckett of Des Moines. By far the most cousins come from the clan of Mike and Marylin Schiltz of Bancroft, Iowa. In a given year, they're represented by anywhere from twenty to thirty members. Donnie Larson, 81 was the eldest cousin to attend this year.

For some, the McCutcheon Campout has always been a part of their lives. In 1969 Verle and Linda McCutcheon of Dow City had triplets, the girls now bring their children and husbands to the campout.

In 1975 the campout was featured in Better Homes & Gardens magazine. The article explained that the reunion was a way to compensate for the challenges of living in such a mobile society.
For the last several years, the campout has been held at the St. Thomas Moore Catholic Youth Camp near Guthrie Center. Cousins enjoyed softball, scavenger hunts, cards, games, and of course campfires.

Because of logistical considerations, the Cousin Campout may need to pick either a new weekend or a new location. But the challenges of the twenty-first century will be well met. The torch is being passed. Gerald and Joann's grand daughter Jessica, a recent Buena Vista University graduate living in New Haven, Connecticut made the bold move of actually volunteering to serve as next year's President.

New playground equipment

Doris Schrieber got a nice grant to pay for the equipment. Bud Gloede volunteered his own time to get it put in in time for kids day, which is the 6th of September, 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

The adults in the pictures are Mayor Connie Gloede, Bud Gloede and Doris Schrieber and some of the town kids.

One Saturday morning during our coffee, Francis and Ruth Baker, who are in their late 80's,decided to try out the new teeter totter.. I guess the equipment is even for the young at heart.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Post Card

"Ricketts, Iowa; A Community Working Together
A scene taken from the Ricketts Annnual Steam and Antique Show. Each year thousands of people to observe the many fine exhibits and to watch as the mighty steam engines are put to work powering the threshing machines of many years gone by"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

2008 Ricketts Reunion

"It's always nice to see everyone, I was especially glad to see those Rabe kids," Laura Langholdt said about this year's reunion, "I hadn't seen them for such a very long time." Langholdt, Mayor Connie Gloede and Nancy Landon stayed until at least eleven. Folks passed around pictures and enjoyed a summer evening and a potluck supper. Laura and her late husband Whip ran first the cafe in town and then the bowling alley.

Ricketts Paraphernalia for Sale

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Not the same Ricketts #22

I have NO idea who these guys are. Ever hear of them? Evidently, they put out an album in 1973 in Spain that you can now buy for $18 at a record store (or antique shop) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I haven't heard them, so I don't know if they're any good, but it's a sure thing that they don't have much to do with Ricketts, Iowa. However, the rest of this website does. If you're from Ricketts or around it and you have memories or pictures to share, we'd sure love to hear from you. And don't forget our annual Ricketts Kid's Reunion coming up this next weekend! Hope to see you there. Why not bring our guitar and plan to jam?!!

Not the same Ricketts #21

Dear Ted,

Being a relative of Joe Ricketts (“Not the Same Ricketts, File #17”), I don’t have anything to do with Ricketts, Iowa either but feel compelled to comment on the USS Ricketts pictured on your website (“Not the Same Ricketts, File #4”).

The hull shown in the picture is that of the USS Biddle. The name is on the transom. The Biddle was renamed USS Claude V. Ricketts (DDG 5) in 1964 after WW2 hero and former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, VADM Claude Vernon Ricketts after serving as USS Biddle (DD 955 / DDG 5) for over five years. The caption for the photo in your file actually describes the USS RICKETTS (DE 254), named for another WW2 hero LT Milton E. Ricketts. There were two “USS Ricketts” in the US Navy.

In addition to the two officers mentioned above, RADM Myron Ricketts also served with distinction in the Naval Sea Systems Command.

LCDR Steven D. Ricketts (USN, Ret)

Well whattya know?!

Thank you so much for the information Lieutenant Commander.
And thank you for your service to our country too.

Any body got a picture of the OTHER USS. Ricketts?
Or how about pictures or memories about Ricketts, Iowa? Send 'em and we'll post 'em. Meanwhile, we hope to see you at the Ricketts Kids Reunion this month. Steve, Milton, and Myron, you're all invited too- what the heck!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Showing out Pride for the 4th of July

The Ricketts Volunteer Fire Department participated in the Charter Oak parade on July 5 celebrating their 60th "Achievement Days" 4H/FFA fair. Above; Mayor Connie makes sure that the PRESS knows it's place. (I jumped about 10 feet when she honked the horn just as I was taking that first picture!)

Securing the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity (get it? the eagle is on the posterior of the fire engine? posterior/posterity? okay, never mind, I have a twisted sense of humor anyway.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Purple Power

LWML Mapleton Zone Delegates and Visitors to the IDW Biannual Convention at Camp Okoboji, included Eugene and wife Vivian Ernst from the Tripple Parish churches in and surrounding Ricketts.