Monday, October 22, 2007

Fire Prayer Request

As you might imagine, since we used to teach at Los Angeles Lutheran Jr/Sr High School, My wife and I are very concerned about our many friends, former students and former colleagues in Southern California. Can you imagine 250,000 people in 7 counties having to be evacuated? An area the size of Washington DC has been burned. From Malibu to Mexico is effected- basically an area the size of South Carolina!

The Buckweed and Stevensen Ranch/Magic Fires have us the me worried. Especially after that wild accident in the I-5 tunnel last week. Basically these fires are each on opposite sides of the Santa Clarita Valley. We used to go to Church at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Canyon Country.

Breathing, driving, and if it comes to it- evacuating are a major dangers that our friends are facing- let alone the possibility of losing life, home, and property.
I was disappointed by the coverage on CNN, so I turned to a local TV station there, KTLA, they had a terrific link to an interactive map of the fires from Google.

Please, it's not just a bunch of rich celebrities in Malibu Canyon, it's real people all over Southern California. If these fires aren't contained soon, this could become LA and San Diego's Katrina.

Please pray that the Lord would protect the residents in the fire's path and that He would guard, protect, and guide the many firefighters, both professional and volunteer and the National Guardsmen and women who help too. Pray that the 70-100 mph winds would die down and that moisture would come so that the fires could be contained and put out.

Thank you.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

St. Luke's Annual Soup Supper

"Kirschsuppe" (cherry soup with dumplings) warms the soul. It's a Pomeranian (Low German) specialty that has been tradition at St. Luke's Fall Soup Supper forever!

St. Luke's Soup Supper is Sunday, October 21st in Ricketts.
They will be serving from 5-7 PM
Menu: Chili, Vegetable Soup, and Kirschsuppe! As well as sandwiches, desserts & beverages.
$5 for adults
$3 for Children over 4

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wild Art

I just overhauled my art blog. When you visit it you can see;
My cartoons 2. My photographs & digital images 3. My paintings, drawings, and prints 4. Artworks or photos by some of my students 5. Some of my favorite paintings by famous artists and why I like them. And recently added... 6. Advice and links for elementary teachers who didn't major in Art, but want to teach it to their students. Please, click on the archives to look at more art.

Every week there's something new. This week, there's also a slick new look!

Happy October

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mallory's Milieu

Interested in more than just the weekly column and occasional political rants?
You can see all of my cartoons (just MY cartoons) as well as all kinds of my artwork and photography. Not to mention book reviews, recommended links, and even some music and videos. All of it is at