Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anyone you Recognize?

The guy who's third from the right, with his hand in his pocket is Laura Langhold's father, Carl Schwarz. We estimate this to be from around 1912. Can anyone identify any of the rest of the guys in this picture? What were they together for? This was on a post card from Dean's Art Gallery in Denison, IA. The fellow on the far left looks like he's wearing a railroad conductor's uniform- or is he a postman? Was this some kind of church picture?

William Howard Taft was President, Teddy Roosevelt ran against him for the Bull Moose Party, splitting the vote so that Woodrow Wilson would be elected. WWI was several years off. Republican Beryl F. Carroll was Governor.

Friday Night Fun Night

All 8th grade-HS youth are invited to St. Paul Lutheran this Friday night, April 27, 5:30PM-Midnight for am LYF Fun Night.

Ladies' Spring Fling

Ladies, the Triple Parish Lutheran Churches invite you to their Spring Fling hosted by the women of the St.Luke LWML on Thursday, May 10, beginning at 6:30PM.