Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 Ricketts Kids Reunion

Hello from everyone who attended this year's Ricketts Reunion. 
We had a great time but wish you would've been here too! 
See ya next year.
Lorraine Davis
Robert & Joan Miller
Darrell Hollander
Carl Jensen
Michele Jensen Phillips
Taylor Sandy
Ed & Doris Schreiber
Alvi and Ruth Lill
Lisa Carlson Angle & husband Mike
Marg & Allan Neddermeyer
Lloyd & Elaine Carlson
Kevin Clausen
Wayne & Wonne Kuhlmann
LaDonna & MaKayla  Carlson Rasmussen
Art Adkins
Leona Hollrah
Bob Klinder
Evelyn Mundt
Dick Schneider
Danny Schneider
Rick & Pat Moeller
Herman Jepsen
Crystal Henning Marshall
Darrell & Judy Neitzke
JoNel Mundt
Raymond Boyens
Paul & Tina Briggle
Nancy Landon
Francis & Durene Krohnke
Cy & Jeannette Knief
Dennis Jepsen
Mike Jepsen
Butch,Lashelle and Lance Carlson
Bud Gloede
Laura Langholdt
Logan, Colleen, Caleb & Margaret Carlson

Friday, July 2, 2010

Just a Farmer

By Helen C. Coon

Just a Farmer
"Just a Farmer", you said
And I laughed 'cause I knew
All the things that farmers
Must be able to do.

They must study the land,
Then watch the sky
And figure just when
Is the right time and why -

To sow and to plant
To buy and to sell
To go to the market
With cattle and well -

You know the books
That farmers must keep
To pay all those taxes
And be able to sleep.

And you know the fixin'
That farmers must do
When machines like mad monsters
Blow a gasket or two.

I guess when God needed
Folks to care for His earth
He chose "just farmers"
'Cause He knew their true worth.