Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hope you had a wonderful reunion

Thank you to Ruth Lil for these pictures from the 2009 Ricketts Reunion

Bethany & and I had a nice visit with Nancy Landon and Steve Clausen out at Marge & Allan Neddermeyer's with Marge's mom, Laura Langholdt tonight. Steve is back visiting (he teaches English in China).

Sounds like the plans for the new library in the Community Center are on track with lots of book and monetary donations. They even have computers. Now they just need to build some more bookshelves. I told them they needed leather chairs and a cappuccino machine like Barnes & Noble, but I don't thin Nancy took me too seriously.

I swear some day I'm going to write a hilarious tell-all book about your town and you'll all hate me. What fun stories and memories you all have. Why don't some of you email me and I'll post them here for you. You can even send pictures. I promise, just tell me and I won't use them in any book if you don't want me to.

If you missed the Ricketts Kids' Reunion this summer, be sure to make plans for next year.

Your Neighbor,
Ted the WWWeb-head