Monday, February 11, 2008

Not the same Ricketts #19

William Ricketts was no doubt a descendant of the above mentioned ancestors. He too was born December 6, 1804 in Maryland. He moved to Missouri where he made his living as a farmer. This William was an decendent of another William; a William Ricketts who immigrated to Maryland in 1654 where he made his living as a farmer. In 1642 Edward Ricketts arrived in the USA followed by Frances Ricketts in 1650. Both Edward & Francis are believed to have been brothers. These Ricketts all originated on the Isle of Wight off the Southern coast of Great Britain.

Of course, none of them have anything to do with the town of Ricketts Iowa, but most of the rest of this website does. As far as we know, it wasn't named after anyone named Ricketts who live around here.

Remember, if you're from Ricketts, you're invited to their annual reunion, next year it will be on the fourth Saturday in July. Now, if you're last name IS Ricketts, and you think it would be fun to have your family reunion in or around Ricketts, IA- more power to ya! Stop on by the Ricketts Kids' Reunion and say howdy when you're here!

As for everybody else, if you have memories or pictures of Ricketts to share, email them to our webmaster: I'll even accept funny, kitsch, or corny "Not the same Ricketts" ideas. Help put Ricketts on the map!