Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anyone able to identify these kids?



Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 2:31 PM


Hi from Calif.,

Here is the photo & who I think they are, correct me if I am wrong.

Middle Row from the Left - 1st is Gordon Moeller, 2nd is Gloria Sherman (the silly look on her face is because Gordy is pinching her, hard to believe he would do that), 3rd is Rick Moeller, 4th, could be James Schwartz, 5th is I think is Bill Harbaugh, 6th is Dean Grell, 7th is Charles Moeller: Front Row - 1st & 2nd ??, 3rd is Jolene Moeller, 4th is Dick Knop, 5th ??, 6th is Georgene Moeller, 7th & 8th ??, 9th is Lyle Grell, 10th ???: In the Back Row there are 4 girls, - 1st, Florence Jacobs, 2nd, ?? 3rd, Kathryn Schwartz, 4th I think she is Gertrude Hagemann!?!?!?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Volunteers Spruce up Community Center, Depot

Pictures by Nancy Landon

The scale model of the old depot has been repainted and lots of volunteers got together Saturday the 4th and gave the Community Center a new paint job and the inside a good cleaning.

Good food was served for lunch and the new color looks real nice..

Thanks to all who help get the job done..

the people that were there to help paint, clean and serve food were:

Laura Langholdt
Jerry Jors
Irene Jors
Diane Riessen
Steve, Cindy & Mac Kenzie Smith
Irma Wessel
Alvi & Ruth Lill
Bud & Connie Gloede
Lloyd & Elaine Carlson
Susan Hargens
Ed & Doris Schreiber
Nancy Landon